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Engineered solutions designed just for you

When the Cookie Cutter Approach Just Won't Cut It

Your company, your product, and your needs are unique.  We understand.  We know from working with customers just like you for over 55 years that sometimes, you need a problem solved that really hasn't been solved before.  We know that each plant has it's own personality, it's own challenges, and it's own opportunities.  That's why we ask you to bring those challenges and opportunities to us! We solve problems, we don't just sell products.  We seek to understand what is important to you and what your specific needs are.  Our application and design engineers then work to create a solution that will solve your problem and meet your needs.  

For example, the picture above is a solution that we created for an industrial customer in Northeast Arkansas.   They called us and simply said, "we are wasting too much water and we need to combine two systems into one...can you help us?"  That was all we needed to get started.  After conducting our site visit and learning exactly what it was they wanted, we were able to design, fabricate, and build this duplex pump skid with an Amiad Filtering system that when installed will filter the water, boost the water pressure, and then run high pressured water through their nozzle system to efficiently cool their steel as it is rolled and formed."  This solution is both energy and water efficient, which cuts down on the plant's production costs.  

What Problem Can We Solve for You?!

If you are having an issue regarding fluids, whether liquid or gasses, we can help! Regardless of what you are pumping, mixing, compressing, or cooling, let our experts work for you!  

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Aging Infrastructure Creates New Opportunities

We recognize that every time something breaks down, goes wrong, or quits working to full capacity, you are faced with the age old decision to either repair, replace, or retrofit.  We've got great news!  We do it all!  As Jack Tyler Sr. said about 40 years ago, "in time, everything that is mechanical and electrical will break!  It's just a fact."  When that statement becomes true for you and your system, station, city, or plant, call us!  We know pump stations inside and out.  Pumps, guiderails, valves, wet wells, and controls are our passion.  We will conduct a detailed sight assessment and then guide you through your options to get your station back up and running as efficiently as possible.  We have the service technicians, the fabricators, and the engineers on staff to size, select, and solve any issue that you may have regarding your station.  

The picture to the right is of a northern AR municipality that hired Jack Tyler Engineering to retrofit and upgrade their dry-pit pump station with two new Flygt pumps which feature state of the art non-clog pumping technology with the patented N-Impeller. Because of our work, this city is experiencing significant cost savings. Prior to the upgrade, city technicians were being called to the site multiple times per week due to clogged pumps. Since the upgrade, the technicians have not been back to pull the pumps because they have not clogged. The municipality will also experience power savings with the more energy efficient pumps.

All Flygt Pumps come with a standard 12 Month Non-Clog Guarantee!  Contact us today to put Flygt's guarantee to work for you!