intelligent pump station management

Providing Predictive Maintenance to Lengthen the Life of Your Pump Station

With Flygt MultiSmart, it’s now easier than ever to manage your pump stations. Capable of handling up to six pumps, it’s enabled with preconfigured functions to maximize efficiency, save time and reduce costs by preventing clogging and nuisance call-outs. MultiSmart’s intuitive, customizable interface, equipped with proven features designed specifically for water and wastewater, empowers your operational staff.

Thanks to the MultiSmart configurator, commissioning a new station or maximizing the efficiency of an existing station could not be simpler.  A setup wizard guides your staff through installation using defaults that have been thoughtfully designed to get you up and running exactly as you need. You can also easily change any parameter to gain full control over all the details. Whether it’s something as simple as changing set points or creating complex alternation schemes for large pump stations, MultiSmart gives your staff all the features your operations demand. 

Why follow a fixed alteration when your station can automatically run its most energy efficient pump? Why waste time on manually cleaning when it can regularly automatically cleanse the sump for you? And what if your system could give you all the information needed to carry out preventative maintenance?  These are just a few of the performance-enhancing features you can expect from MultiSmart. Along with multiple set point profiles allowing remote or timed switching for operations such as spill management, automatic changing of set points and pre-set limits to the number of running pumps when switching to a generator. With countless more options to choose from, MultiSmart dramatically reduces the complexity and hassle of controlling your pump station.

Thanks to built-in features like pump reversal, which prevents clogging and issues alarm signals to prompt preventive maintenance, nuisance call-outs can be eliminated. Pump voltage and amperage are also monitored to calculate real power consumption, ensuring long-term power savings by continuously leveraging the use of the most efficient pump. MultiSmart will automatically reset tripped pumps.  MultiSmart combines 3-phase current monitoring and remote control to reduce both control panel costs and unnecessary site visits. A built-in local webserver can eliminate the costs of additional HMI software. Either way, your deployment and commissioning costs are reduced to a bare minimum.

The MultiSmart pump station manager connects to any modern SCADA platform over DNP3, Modbus or Aquacom. It includes a data logger for 50,000 events (10,000,000 direct to CF card) and local storage of up to 20 GB of historical data, including historical data filtering.   Firmware and feature upgrades are easily accessible via the web, while the IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC engine allows you to further extend functionality to create new features using your own custom compliant PLC engine.

MultiSmart Does It All

  • PLC
  • RTU
  • HMI
  • Voltmeter
  • Phase Fail Relay
  • Current Meter
  • Energy & Power Meter
  • Flow Meter
  • Motor Protection
  • Insulation Resistance Monitoring
  • Hours Run Meter
  • Pre-Programmed Logic Designed to Significantly Reduce Operating Costs

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Flygt cloud scada

View, Monitor, & Control Your Pump Stations in Real Time from Any Device

PumpView is the next generation in control and monitoring software for water and wastewater utilities. Instead of going through an arduous design process, taking a big leap of faith and implementing a costly capital works project - you can monitor and control your wastewater collection or water supply system via the internet. 

The only IT infrastructure needed is a web-browser (Internet Explorer 6/7) and an internet connection. PumpView uses the cellular network to communicate to and from the sites, and the internet to give you visibility and control of your system. 


What Can I do With PumpView?

· See status of the entire network

· Drill down into individual Pump Stations and reservoirs

· Monitor well level

· Set pump and alarm set points

· See hours run, starts and faults accumulators

· Change mode and availability of pumps

· Receive detailed pump fault descriptions

· Monitor 3-phase supply and DC supply

· Track power and energy usage

· Monitor insulation resistance for motor windings (IRT)

· See inflow rates

· Track alarms for the entire network

· Receive and acknowledge detailed alarms via SMS, email and voice

 What Can I Control With PumpView?

· Pump modes - (auto/off/manual)

· Level alarms

· Pump faults

· Set point profiles

· Automatically fill reservoirs from remote Pump Stations

 What Can I Configure in PumpView?

· Additional users, their contact methods and security privileges

· Alarm contact lists

· Individual alarm points on each site with type of alarm, time between contacting each user

· I/O - zero and span for analogs, names, make an I/O point an alarm

What Reports Does PumpView Offer?

· Hours run, starts accumulators

· Fault report - date/time stamp, fault active/inactive, Pump Station

· Alarm log - all user alarm interaction including when each user was notified, by what method (SMS/email/voice), who noted the alarm

· User interaction log - all user interactions with their remote site

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An End-To-End Cloud-Based SCADA Solution


Lift Station Alarms

Treatment Plant Monitoring

Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Rain Gauge Data

Flow Meter Reporting

Simple Auto Dialer Functionality

Dexter Fortson Associates, Inc.

DFA Radio Telemetry/SCADA Monitor and Control System

Water and Wastewater Management Systems – The DFA Telemetry/SCADA Monitor and Control System ranges from simple pump and tank level control to sprawling multi-county water systems to municipal water and sewer systems including reservoir control and management.