Water and Wastewater Treatment, transfer, & Storage

Jack Tyler Engineering is Your Go To Source for Industrial and Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment

Jack Tyler Engineering offers wastewater processing equipment to solve most municipal & industrial treatment needs. As a municipal & industrial water & wastewater equipment distributor, we carry industry-leading brands. From getting the wastewater to the treatment plant, through the treatment plant, and then back into the environment, we got you covered. 

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From Pre-Treatment, Handling Grit, Secondary Treatment/Biological Treatment, Handling RAS and WAS, Blowers, Disinfection and Discharge, We are here to serve you!

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Bar Screens, Perforated Screens, Washer Compactors, Trashrakes, Conveyors

aeration & biological systems

uv, disinfection, & ozone

YSI Analytics & Instrumentation

Packaged Treatment Plants

floating baffle curtains

shaftless screw conveyors, Grit handling, & solids handling solutions

jwc muffin monster

centrifugal blower and engineered vacuum solutions

evaporation, inclined plate clarification and continuous backwash sand filtration technologies

Disk Filter: Tertiary filtration of secondary effluent

parshall flumes, flume accessories, weir boxes, & fiberglass manholes

control valves

Liquid storage systems, composite elevated tanks, glass fused steel tanks

Potable Water • Fresh Water • Wastewater • Stormwater • Reuse: GRIDBEE / SOLARBEE